Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dirt In The Keytar

And now for a little peak into my boogie and modern soul collection, left-field style. Hats off to all the DJs who can mix flawlessly, because I sure can't. But anyway, I'm kind of happy with how this came out, minus a couple rough patches. To listen, just click on the title. Oh, and if the tracklist is a little too small to read, just click on it and it will make it a bit larger.


sound awareness said...

thanks for this blog, you dig a lot of nice obscurities in your bay area, lucky man!! I sell records on ebay too, i have a new blog, if you want to check it,

Black Shag said...

great mix East bay represent.

Twosteplou said...

killin it

burgertime said...

super nice blog mang. thanks for all the goodies.
i'm also in the bay. check me blog if you get a chance:
thanks again yo