Thursday, November 20, 2008


Five recent 45 finds that have made my world a little brighter...

Kal feat. Mr. Tee - Whistle Song
Crudely recorded but super catchy Detroit modern soul with unorthodox vocal phrasing that seals the deal. And of course the whistling...

Page Three - The Love We Had
Knew about this 45 from the flipside, which appears on a well-regarded mix by the one Justin Torres. Pleasant surprise to learn that the flipside is high quality too.

Victor Green - How To Love A Woman Pt. 2
Wow. I love finding these ultra-low-rent local funk 45s. "Are you relaxed?"

Kansas City Melody-Aires - Don't Let It Be Too Late
I've been turning up tons of gospel 45s lately and this is one of the cooler ones. Funky gospel soul that starts(!)with a flute solo.

Love Co. Inc. - Fiesta
Scarcely known (if at all) instrumental winner out of Alabama. Kind of a blend of 70s style funk and early 80s boogie. The flip is a lovely modern tune...