Thursday, November 20, 2008


Five recent 45 finds that have made my world a little brighter...

Kal feat. Mr. Tee - Whistle Song
Crudely recorded but super catchy Detroit modern soul with unorthodox vocal phrasing that seals the deal. And of course the whistling...

Page Three - The Love We Had
Knew about this 45 from the flipside, which appears on a well-regarded mix by the one Justin Torres. Pleasant surprise to learn that the flipside is high quality too.

Victor Green - How To Love A Woman Pt. 2
Wow. I love finding these ultra-low-rent local funk 45s. "Are you relaxed?"

Kansas City Melody-Aires - Don't Let It Be Too Late
I've been turning up tons of gospel 45s lately and this is one of the cooler ones. Funky gospel soul that starts(!)with a flute solo.

Love Co. Inc. - Fiesta
Scarcely known (if at all) instrumental winner out of Alabama. Kind of a blend of 70s style funk and early 80s boogie. The flip is a lovely modern tune...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This mix takes more of a kitchen sink approach compared to the mixes I've posted previously. The common thread being that most of the songs used were self-released by the artists themselves, hence the name of the mix (Private Mind Garden, in case you had trouble filling in the blanks.) Also, I bought most of these on a recent trip to Texas for the Austin Record Convention, so this is kind of my way of processing some of the music that was consumed on that voyage. Much respect to Rich/Rockadelic and Dave at Friends Of Sounds, which is where most of these records came from. I don't think anyone will like every song on here (except me) and everyone should find at least something that moves them. If not, sorry for wasting your time.

The songs are recorded as individual tracks by the way, if anyone has trouble downloading just give me a holler. This hi-tech stuff is pretty new to me.
Part One
Part Two

Here's the tracklisting:
Part 1
Park Peters - The Silence Of The One O'Clock Hour
Pierre Akendengue - Ogowe
Band X - Picking Mushrooms With Rabbit
Stouder & Kline - Canada
Carrie Cleveland - Love Will Set You Free
Van Havel & Vaughn - September Song
Mark Thompson - Open Windows Empty Rooms (Reprise)
Twilight - Pains Of Love
Glenn Phillips - Guruvir

Part 2
Kim Holloway - If You Haven't Seen The Rain
(from the Ain't Got Time To Lose album, made by Oklahoma prisoners)
Guy Randle - Mercy
Park Peters - For Two
Band X - Afterthought
Eastham Band (Texas Prison Rodeo) - I Can't Get Over Losing You
Fred Rothert - Treasure Hunting
Juan De Granada - First Movement Of The Moonlight Sonata
Pin Points - Rainbow Smiles

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Of My Favorite Gospel Records...

I've been meaning to share some songs from my gospel collection, which has been growing slowly and unsteadily over the last couple years. Probably like a lot of people of my generation I got into gospel from the funk angle but that emphasis has definitely gone by the wayside for me. I'm all about these slow burning beauties now.


1. The Gospel Clouds - Let Us Pray (Spectrum)
2. The Gospel Hummingbirds - Trouble Don't Last Always (W&E)
3. The Master Keys - I Won't Have To Cry (Styletone)
4. Eloise Polk - I'm Willing To Run All The Way (Prophecy)
5. Ruby & The Dreamers - A Right To Be Free (Pavillion)
6. The Gospel I.Q.'s - Heaven Was Made For Me (Su-Ann)
7. The Jackson Southernairs - On My Way Home (Songbird)
8. The Friendly Travellers - Going To A City (Wajo)
9. The Jackson Southernairs - Too Late
10. The Master Keys - I Cried Lord (Styletone)
11. The Daytonians - Let Jesus Work It Out (Church Door)
12. The Mighty Gospel Travelers - I Don't Know Why (Champ)
13. The Salem Travelers - Crying Pity & A Shame (Checker)
14. Sister Corene Barton - Lord I Need You As I Travel (J&W)
15. The Soul Superiors Of Detroit - What Ever You Do, Do Good (Designer)
16. The Daytonians - Lord Hold My Hand (Church Door)

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Monday, September 8, 2008

Keep Smiling Mix

Here's a mix I did a while back - 70's and 80's soul pulled from 45s and LPs.

Sharon Revoal - Reaching For Our Star
Smoke Sugar Company - Save A Little Love For A Rainy Day
Frank Beverly & The Butlers - Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)
Eddie Kendricks - Date With The Rain
The Blue Notes - The Girl Makes Me Want To Sing
Freddie Waters - I'm Gonna Walk Right Out Of Your Life
High Fashion - I Want To Be Your Everything
Brief Encounter - (Don't You See) I'm Crazy About You
Charlie Harris - More And More
Major Lance - How My Love Goes
Anthony Watson - I Can't Stop This Feeling
Sam Russell - Yesterday's Sorrow
Gloria Scott - That's What You Say
Delegation - Blue Girl
Maze - Right On Time
Rideout - Someone Special
Eddie Jay & Ray - Keep Smilin'
Detroit Emeralds - Feel The Need In Me

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heavy Days Mix

Ron Murray - First Day Of Spring (Genna)
Harold Tyler - Reality (Tymo)
Frank Hutson - Old Man Me (Goodie Train)
Cheryl Williams - I'm Your Fool (Bengee)
Two Things In One - Close The Door (Music City)
Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier (Duke)
Leon Sims - How Can You Hold Onto A Dream (LRS)
Steve Parks - Still Thinking Of You (Reynolds)
Full Speed - It Must Be Love (Real Thing)
Erni Clark - Give Me A Piece Of Your Love (M-odd)
JB & The V-Kings - Lazy Soul (Zap-Zing!)
The Ordells - Sippin' A Cup Of Coffee (Dionn)
Lee Eley - Would You Rather To Be (Sound-Rite)
Brothers Unique - Heavy Days (Spectrum Sound)
The Cheers - I Made Up My Mind (Okeh)
Lezli Valentine - I Won't Do Anything (All Platinum)
Dorando - Listen To My Song (Music City)