Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Henry Lee Roberts

 I got this 45 off a blind buy on ebay a while back (there was no soundclip or description, but with a title like "Space Jesus Atomic Judgement [Dissolved] it wasn't that surprising that this turned out to be something interesting). I would actually venture that it's the most captivating record I've ever stumbled across this way. I'm a definite fan of outsider electro soul/funk/boogie and this is pretty much shitting over almost everything else in the subgenre. Dark, apocalyptic-sounding analog synths. Weird, shifting time signatures. Topical (to 1985), ranting lyrics about the impending end of days when Halley's Comet finally arrives. There's a lot to love here. I would follow this man onto the tail of the comet.

Listen: Halley's Comet (Dissolved)  
Listen: Space Jesus Atomic Judgement (Dissolved)

Lee Storm - Tornado (Ozark)

I bought a couple large boxes of mostly 50s and 60s country 45s at the record fair the other day. What can I say, the price was right. A lot of country and hillybilly 45s on Decca and other big labels, and some of them are nice enough in their own right, even if that isn't one of my main areas of musical interest. But I was hoping to find something unique and I think this 45 definitely fits the bill. I love the thick, dark atmosphere of this tune. An internet search turned up absolutely nada on this, so figured I would share.

Listen: Tornado