Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heavy Days Mix

Ron Murray - First Day Of Spring (Genna)
Harold Tyler - Reality (Tymo)
Frank Hutson - Old Man Me (Goodie Train)
Cheryl Williams - I'm Your Fool (Bengee)
Two Things In One - Close The Door (Music City)
Rhonda Davis - Long Walk On A Short Pier (Duke)
Leon Sims - How Can You Hold Onto A Dream (LRS)
Steve Parks - Still Thinking Of You (Reynolds)
Full Speed - It Must Be Love (Real Thing)
Erni Clark - Give Me A Piece Of Your Love (M-odd)
JB & The V-Kings - Lazy Soul (Zap-Zing!)
The Ordells - Sippin' A Cup Of Coffee (Dionn)
Lee Eley - Would You Rather To Be (Sound-Rite)
Brothers Unique - Heavy Days (Spectrum Sound)
The Cheers - I Made Up My Mind (Okeh)
Lezli Valentine - I Won't Do Anything (All Platinum)
Dorando - Listen To My Song (Music City)


Slim Jenkins said...

Yo J***e,

This mix is the rill dill, man. Thanks for upping. Is this the same E Clark 45 that has the track "By the grace of god I am"?


Soul Persuasion said...

Yup, that track is the flipside to this one. Thanks holmes, I didn't realize you had a blog up until just now.

Alice said...

i was able to get find out about your blog through the kikinbakk blog. just want to thank you for sharing some great music with me.


Anonymous said...

mate, this mix is really beautiful. Thanks!

mazilis said...

i had a nice walk today, same as yesterday and as maybe other fifty times with that mix of yours. looking to get some of those 45s too. so good.

Soul Persuasion said...

wow, thanks for giving it so many plays!

mazilis said...

is there any other more efficient way to contact you like, email?

Soul Persuasion said...

my email is

MRPC said...

This blog is just the best thing to stay late at night and just play those awesome mixes.

Seriously, thanks for this awesome work.