Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bay Is Deep

My home for the last half-dozen years, the Bay Area, produced a seemingly bottomless pool of amazing music in the 60s and 70s (and before and after of course, but that is the era this mix covers). I've already shared some of my favorite local sides on previous mixes (and sold piles of other great local records over the years - the downside to selling records for a living), but even picking out 20 or so tunes for this mix from my collection turned out to be a challenge. All records are original pressings except for the Inticers, which I used a reissue of, but I have owned that record in the past (twice!) so it's all good.

Without further ado, here it is: The Bay Is Deep


Little Ronnie & The Chromatics- What A Day This Has Been (HLS)
Marvin Holmes - Early Bird (Salwa)
Wylie Trass & Soul Explosion - Since You Been Gone (Pashlo)
Camille La Vah - O Johnny (Wax)
Whispers - Great Day (Soul Clock)
The Natural Four - Going In Circles (ABC)
Burton & Company - Peaceful Coexistance (MoLove)
Soul Sensations - When I Had You, Baby (Music City)
Sonny Anderson & Prince Conley - Love & Laughter (Emerson)
Eugene Blacknell - The Trip (Boola Boola)
Dawn & Sunset - What It Is (DT&V)
Quintessents - Image Of A Man (Vibra)
The Right Kind - Why Do You Have To Lie (Galaxy)
Victor Green - Poincianna (Circle M)
Emmett Kennedy & The Burners - I Got It Real Bad (CLIMS)
The Magicians - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Villa)
The Inticers - Since You Left (reissue)
The Savonics - I Had A Girl (MTA)
Little Ronnie & The Chromatics - Speak What's On Your Mind (HLS)