Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tumbling Down

All songs recorded from original pressing 45s, reissues and boots. So there.


Little Willie John - My Nerves (King)
Byrdie Green - Tremblin' (End)
Deane Hawley - Bossman (Dore)
Big Maybelle - That's A Pretty Good Love (Savoy)
Nick Waterhouse - I Can Only Give You Everything (Il Records)
Annie Laurie - Nobody's Gonna Hurt You (Deluxe)
The Fabulous Denos - Once I Had A Love (King)
Quinn Miller - The Sea Witch (Magnet)
The Satisfactions - The Angry Desert (Radiant)
Gino Washington - Puppet On A String (Ric-Tic)
Dimples & Jackson - Love Came Tumbling Down (Gardena)
Bobby Hamilton - How Come (Apt)
Ray Charles - Unchain My Heart (ABC)
The Knight Bros. - Love (Can't You Hear Me) (Checker)
Etta James - Mellow Fellow (Argo)


Tara said...

In love with all that is 50s soul. This mix is perfect. Your mixes and all of the others on Lovefingers get me through my work days. Thank you kidinquisitive! Much love, Tara

Soul Persuasion said...

thanks Tara! How did you find the site?

lovefingers said...

Thanks Tara! Kidinquisitive is ILL !!

Tara said...

My sister and I have been visiting for quite some time now; that's how I discovered you!! We both really DIG all your mixes, keep putting them out there :)!

Fritz said...

Incredible mix! I am so glad to have found your blog. Thanks for putting these mixes up.

jamesmitges said...

Great collection, Thank you inspirational music


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